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Since one of our candidates has boasted that he has no problem grabbing women’s breasts and other intimate body parts, I thought it appropriate to address just when this kind of behavior equals an actionable crime.

I wonder if touching is a wrong thing in God's eyes.It is something totally different to place your hand on a woman's breast when no one else is around. A woman's breast is a part of her private areas related to sex and sexual feelings.Before the election of our next president, I thought I’d weigh in on an issue I’ve dealt with often as a criminal defense attorney — sexual abuse.Unless the person does it repeatedly — such as your boss or colleague and you to take action — many women (even in our day and age) just suffer and bear it.Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 2, Episode 21 of Fox's "New Girl," titled "First Date." Move along folks, nothing to see here ...Sexually related crimes can range from the lowest B-misdemeanor to the highest A-felony.