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Context I'm making an app where I have tasks with due dates and once they are done I want to set a new due date for according to a new date according to a day of the week repeat pattern chosen by the user. Im saving the repeat pattern as Int32 (1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday, 4 for Tuesday...) but I can easily get it to an array of Strings or numbers representing each day Problem How do I get the next due date as Date (so I can repeat the task)?Example if I have a task that is completed on a Saturday and has repeat pattern of every Monday and Wednesday I want it to be set to the next Monday.After adjusting for sociodemographic factors, number of intimate partners, time between interviews, baseline risk behavior scores, and the most abusive relationship experienced prior to Wave I, more severe abuse having occurred between Waves I and II was significantly associated with increased levels of depression in both sexes and increased involvement in illicit substance use, antisocial behavior, and suicidal behavior among female adolescents.Abuse by an intimate partner is associated with higher levels of risk behavior in both sexes and incident abuse is associated with increased depression in both sexes and increased illicit substance use, antisocial behavior, and suicidal behavior among females.Abuse by an intimate partner had a significantly stronger association with substance use in females (0.87, 0.51-1.23) vs males (0.34, −0.09 to 0.77).found that males and females continued to report similar rates of victimization after excluding acts of violence performed in self-defense.In females, after adjusting for sociodemographic factors and number of intimate partners, a history of abuse was significantly associated with substance use (values given as β, 99% confidence interval) (0.87, 0.51-1.23), antisocial behavior (0.15, 0.10-0.20), violent behavior (0.06, 0.01-0.11), depressed mood (1.82, 1.21-2.43), and suicidal behavior (odds ratio, 1.37, 1.14-1.63).In males, abuse was independently associated with antisocial behavior (0.11, 0.03-0.19), violent behavior (0.09, 0.04-0.14), and depressed mood (1.29, 0.53-2.06).

Abuse was assessed using a 5-point scale measuring if the subject had been insulted in public, sworn at, threatened with violence, pushed or shoved, or had something thrown at them by an intimate partner.

The risk behaviors associated with a history of abuse by an intimate partner included school problems, The major limitation of these studies has been the cross-sectional nature of the data used.

This limitation has made it difficult to determine if abuse by an intimate partner is an independent predictor of subsequent risk behavior among adolescents, occurs as a result of the abuse, or exacerbates preexisting problem behavior.

Risk behavior involvement was determined using 5 measures: substance use, antisocial behavior, violent behavior, suicidal behavior, and depressed mood.

There was no significant difference in the frequency of abuse by an intimate partner for males (21.0%) vs females (22.1%).