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An entire box of hankies, of varying styles, colors and time periods. And it was hitting this hanky motherlode that made me realize-- there was no better time than now to talk about those soft little cotton squares so many of us still love. Popular artists over the years included Tammis Keefe, Carl Tait, Pat Prichard, Jeanne Miller and Tom Lamb.

Priced at anywhere from fifteen cents to a dollar, hankies became a way to have a little fun shopping without breaking the bank.

But after World War II, hankies had a big resurgence as a colorful yet inexpensive accessory.

Their collection shows handkerchiefs bearing everything from pets and popular cartoon characters, to souvenier handkerchiefs of the 50 states, hankies displaying airline first class menus, recipes, pop art, calendars, holidays, botanicals and so much more. Well, according to the book, when facial tissues were invented in the 1920s, the hanky fell a bit out of favor as less sanitary.

Ones most commonly found are in the holiday and botanical lines. It's interesting to see the different range of colors available on botanical hankies, too.

Here are two holiday hankies prepared to celebrate Christmas and St. These browns and aquas are actually appropriate for today's decorating trends...

They can also be stretched over a square painters canvas using double sided tape to hold them in place.Thanks for the input of you expert crocheters out there!Hairpin lace is a crocheted lace, made with a crochet hook and a hairpin loom.(click on pictures for a larger view) There is nothing more delightful, on a dreary winter day, than to bring out your hankie collection, and sort them every which way!The French word appliqué means applied, so I include any hankies with additionally applied threads, fabrics, or laces within this very large category.Some of the prettiest hankies will use a combination of all the appliqué styles.