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It achieved worldwide growth in 2003 and spun off to include women of other nations in 2007 with Amo Latina, Africa Beauties and Asian Beauties.
"Today's young generation receives more temptation per second than any other generation in the history of mankind." Every second, 28,258 people are looking at X-rated material online.

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He notes with some irony, “It was quicker for my dad to find a wife than it is for me to decide where to eat dinner.” Ansari contrasts the community-focused way his parents met with online dating, which relies heavily on personal preference … It’s true, there’s a specialty site for nearly every demographic: Farmers, Equestrian, Veggie, and even Mouse for Disney Parks fans.

At these sites, as well as major ones like e Harmony and Match, singles have thousands of potential dates at their fingertips, to the point that it’s difficult to know where to look and who to pick.

I’ve had a couple of long-term partners since my marriage ended (I have a grown-up daughter from that relationship). Younger men want younger women, and I find older men less attractive. As for the restaurant, it was quite busy and they had sold out of the sea bass and chocolate bombe — so not my night for food either! After a few hours, I wanted to get home as I had an early start.

Every week we send a couple out on a blind date and ask them to report back.Divorced with one daughter, 55-year-old Susan is a freelance hair stylist who lives in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. He works mainly as a support artist for TV, and also as a painter and decorator. And he’s not very sporty, which is a big thing for me. Then the waitress came over and said there’d been a mix up — that was my date! Even though I soon knew he wasn’t for me, I wanted to make an effort — and did ask most of the questions. I love holidays and go twice a year, and he hasn’t had one since 2008.The three-times divorced 59-year-old has been single for a year.After so many years on my own, the idea of dating again was scary.Here, women share the worst dates they've ever been on.